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The Weekly Match Plan

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The Lavictoire Match Plan is a weekly planner to help you organize your life with football by setting goals, milestones and priorities.

The Lavictoire Match Plan focuses on

  • the power of small wins to achieve bigger goals
  • building momentum through daily actions
  • adding structure to our ideas

This is a great companion if you are looking to launch a service, product, brand, project or career in or around the football space. 

The Lavictoire Football Community

The Lavictoire Football Community brings together creators, creatives and entrepreneurs to a private growing community so that we can all unlock our true potential with the beautiful game.

  • Stories and Showcase

    Get inspired with member spotlights, stories of growth and football brand showcases

  • Collaboration and Coworking

    Build together with coworking sessions and share your wins, challenges, progress with our accountability check-ins

  • Office Hours and Conversations

    Stay motivated and discover new opportunities with live Office Hours and conversations. Replays included

"Get inspired and join a diversified football community"

Here I have been able to find inspiration, exchange ideas and especially to get quick feedback on my project.

On top of that, the community is really friendly and there is a great variety of content available to learn, grow and build your own story with soccer. I even had the opportunity to share some of my experience as a content creator.

Chris Abbey
Podcast Host & Producer